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West Wales  UK

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SHOP Cardigan

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Just a “Stones Throw” from Cardigan Castle - On Beautiful Cardigan Bay - West Wales - UK.

Cardigan’s Longest Established Family Variety Store.

 A History of RAF Aberporth

Recording the History - Recalling the Memories


Mike became self employed doing electronic servicing after leaving the RAF in 1975, He opened the shop as Cardigan Electronics in 1980. In 2003 he started building a web site dedicated to the History & Memories of RAF Aberporth. Located just five miles north of Cardigan.

 The web site has evolved over the years into 30 to 40 pages of photographs, history, stories and  general knowledge about the RAF Camp from it is opening in 1940 to it’s closure in 1984. There are also pages dedicated to other RAF Stations that once housed the Bloodhound Missile systems during the Cold War years.

 Below are  just a few of the images you will see if you visit the site.

It is still evolving. To peruse all the pages can take well over an hour.

(Please note RAF Aberporth as it was,  has now been demolished.)

 Click on any of the images below to take you directly to SHQ.

Prince Charles had a room in the officers mess at week-ends during the months he spent gaining his Pilots Licence.

RAF Bloodhound Mk2 Missile ready to fire in a trial at RAE Aberporth

Bloodhound Firing Unit Squadron Photograph 1967

Jindivik Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (DRONE) circa 1973